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beyond the event

We’ve learned a lot about impact through our event and the work we’ve participated in with the Alliance for Vermont Communities and other organizations throughout the state. We’ve also realized there are common issues shared among rural communities everywhere.

This is new for us, so we are suggesting the following as a proposal and we’d love to hear your feedback or inquiries.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission with our partners to bring people together, get more butts on bikes and leverage the influence of the greater biking community to create action around issues relating to the environmental crisis and rural economic development.

Our Rural Communities Need solutions

  • How do we attract young people to stay and/or return to our communities?

  • How do we create an environment where younger generations can afford to live here?

  • How do we create a strategic plan around outdoor recreation that results in an economic return?

  • How do we organize and bring people together to create a plan with input from everyone?

  • How do we do any of these things without damaging what makes this place special to those who live here now?

The outdoor recreation industry is just now beginning to realize its influence with an estimated $412 billion contributed annually to GDP in the U.S. Yes, that is 2.2% of the total GDP. With the help of some powerful organizations, the greater outdoor recreation community has proven itself capable of changing policies that affect climate change and business practice on a global scale.

Vermont and several other states in the U.S. are among the top biking destinations and outdoor recreation locations in the world. There is no reason that with a little help, even the most remote communities can thoughtfully take advantage of these resources. For your town, maybe it’s a matter of getting organized, creating a brand or collectively coming up with a plan of action.

We Can Help

With a background in event promotion, branding and communications, working with town and state government officials, film and photography, small business management, community engagement and trail building, we can offer the following to communities throughout Vermont and beyond.

  • Grant writing

  • Creating energizing community events

  • Strategic planning and communication

  • Organized community visits and presentations

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Town listings on top recreational websites

We are still in the process of fully developing a program for communities that need this kind of guidance in Vermont or elsewhere, but we’d love to hear your thoughts. Please email Alex at therangervt@gmail.com to learn more or provide your input.