Our Story

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Ride with purpose

Our identity is deeply rooted in the meaning of the phrase, “Ride With Purpose.”

In 2016 the regional community surrounding Tunbridge, Vermont was faced with confronting the threat from a large developer to purchase 5,000 acres of rural lands.

The idea was to create a gated community for 20,000 people in an area with a combined present population of 6,700.

The location of this project would have ruined the back roads and landscape throughout one of the most scenic and valuable agricultural and recreational areas in the state.

The proposed development sparked a passionate group of people to step forward with a goal to not only protect their landscape, culture and identity, but also to celebrate and build upon what they have.

The Ranger was born out of the powerful energy that comes from a deep appreciation for what we have and the realization that it takes ongoing work to make it possible.

Just weeks after our event in 2018, the developer announced pulling the plug on the project due to the overwhelming amount of action taken by local community members and a whole lot of passionate Rangers! The four towns of Royalton, Sharon, Strafford and Tunbridge are now listed on the National Trust of Historic Places 11 Most Endangered Places Watch List.

We have worked for two years with the Alliance for Vermont Communities (AVC), a local nonprofit focused on community development, to raise funding for actions ranging from land conservation to recreational trail building and supporting a four town community visioning process with the Vermont Council on Rural Development.

We are humbled by what we have accomplished together and excited by what the growth of this event has meant and will mean to the people that live here in the future. And we aren’t done yet!

2019 was the first year that we expanded our mission to include inspiring the cycling community to step out and become recognized as a social and environmental leader. Proceeds from the event went to support programming for Little Bellas, the purchase of adaptive bikes for people with disabilities at Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports and community development through the Alliance for Vermont Communities.

We hope you’ll join us to for a darn good time in June to Ride With Purpose.


Thank you to all of the incredible people who put their everything into creating this event and a better future for our communities. And special thanks to these people…

Isaac, Mario, Lucy, Susanna, Sam, Michael, Brenda, Alexa, Charlotte, Steve, Wendy, Jeanne, Elizabeth, Jane, Todd, Alison, Dave, Adam, Zac, Peter, John, Warren, Suzanne, Matt, Rett, Katie, Shannon, Wil, Eliza, Max, Steve, Toby, Sam, Kim, Nevin, Timmy, Nick, Ansel, Jenn, Therese, Peter, Christina, Gertrude, Gus, John, Robbie, Kim, Chris