beyond the event

We’ve learned a lot about impact through our event and the work we’ve participated in with organizations throughout Vermont.

We believe it takes common interest (biking/outdoor recreation) to bring diverse groups of people together, and that results in a stronger and more vibrant community.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission with our partners to bring people together, get more butts on bikes and leverage the influence of the greater recreational community to create action around issues relating to our changing climate and rural economic development here in Vermont.

Our Communities Need solutions

We recognize that outdoor recreation is only one part of a solution to create a balanced economic strategy that maintains a town or city’s character and addresses the needs of the natural environment, but when 72% of residents in a state like Vermont participate in outdoor recreation, it’s easy to see how our common interests bring us together and create the foundation that can spark connection and discussion to help us solve important issues within our communities.

We believe that people will only protect what they connect to and care about.

The outdoor recreation industry is just now beginning to realize its influence with an estimated $412 billion contributed annually to GDP in the U.S. Yes, that is 2.2% of the total GDP. With the help of some powerful organizations, the greater outdoor recreation community has proven itself capable of changing policies that affect climate change and business practice on a global scale.

Here’s what that looks like in Vermont:

Vermont and several other states in the U.S. are among the top mountain biking destinations in the world. Towns such as Burke have benefitted from the economic stimulation. The barrier that prevents the more rural communities in VT from this kind of success story is access to the financial resources to build and maintain trails and an understanding of the economic impact.

These towns all share one common resource that does not require much investment beyond promotion, dirt roads.

With a little help, rural towns in Vermont can thoughtfully leverage this position through planning to create more economically stable, vibrant, diverse and healthy communities by including gravel cycling. And because people connect with a place on a deeper level while recreating this can be accomplished while also promoting the protection of our most valued and vulnerable landscapes.

Our partnerships with organizations such as: Little Bellas, Vermont Adaptive SKi and Sports, Vermont Mountain Bike Association (VMBA), Rochester/Randolph Area Sports Trail Alliance (RASTA), Alliance for Vermont Communities, Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, Outdoor Gear Exchange, Niner Bikes, Mountain Bike Vermont (MTBVT), VT Dirt and Protect Our Winters (POW) provide us with access to a wealth of knowledge existing within a community of organizations with experiences ranging from local to international.

educate, promote, Recreate, Protect

With our friends at Vermont Dirt we are in the process of developing and taking to scale a resource/program for communities that need this kind of guidance in Vermont. Would you be interested in supporting an online resource to plan your next gravel adventure in a new place in VT? We’ve been working with the state and our partners to bring clarity to what this project might look like for riders and the towns and cities we would serve throughout the state. Email Alex at to leave your input and/or learn more.